libqtelegram-ae breathing again

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Sometimes ago we started porting our libraries and modules to the Qt standard modules. So the libqtelegram-ae was one of the first libraries ported to the Qt modules system.
Also libqtelegram-ae name changed to QtTelegram, libqtelegram-ae build system deprecated and github repository will rename soon. QtTelegram version started from 5.0.0.

New changes:

  • Ported to Qt modules build system
  • Remove Qt deprecated functions and tools from the source
  • Automatically runs init file and there is no need to run it manually
  • Change version to 5.0.0
  • deprecated
  • Documents updated
  • Many improvements and Bugfixes

Future changes:

  • Telegram protocole 2.0 support
  • New telegram APIs
  • Better API for creating applications
  • Merge libqtelegram and telegramqml in a single Qt module

How to Build:

Install dependencies:

It’s exactly same as older version of libqtelegram, So install it using below command for ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install qt5-default qtbase5-dev qt5-qmake libssl-dev git

Getting source and Preparing:

To build QtTelegram just clone it from our git repository:

git clone
cd libqtelegram-code-generator


and start building:

mkdir build && cd build
qmake -r ../
make install

How to Use?

And after all finished, Just add QtTelegram to your project using below line:

QT += telegram