Backup your Telegram using our new App

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Because of the Cutegram and Our other telegram tools, We are famous as telegram experts between our friends. So when they looking for a solution to do a new thing on their telegram, Asking question from Aseman’s members is their first solution.
One of the popular Questions is:

How can I backup from our messages on the Telegram?


How can I download messages of a channel on the Telegram?

So We decided to create a GUI-Application using libqtelegram to help our friends and our users to backup their telegrams or download a channel’s messages from the Telegram.

Aseman Telegram Backuper:

Aseman Telegram Backuper is a simple, easy to use, free and open-source application that help users to download their telegram messages easily. It’s based on the Qt, libqtelegram and released under the GPLv3 license on the Aseman-Land github.

>> Aseman Telegram Backuper’s Github


  • Download messages in the JSON format
  • Download all medias
  • Supports Chats, Groups and Channels
  • Sets limitation to download count
  • Proxy support

How To Build:


There are Aseman-Telegram-Backuper’s dependencies:

To build libqtelegram please take a look at this post.

Start Building:

After install dependencies, Building of the Aseman Telegram Backuper is easy:

git clone
cd aseman-telegram-backuper
mkdir build && cd build
qmake -r ..
make install

And to Run it just enter:


How to Use?

It’s easy:

  • Run It
  • Enter your number and Login using your number
  • Enter channel Name
  • Check/Uncheck download options
  • Click on Download

Pre-compiled Binaries:

If you’re looking for Pre-compiled binaries, We built binaries for Linux, Windows and OSX and upload them to below link. All files built and linked statically, So you can run them easily without installing Qt or libqtelegram. It’s vbcause Qt and libqtelegram are linked to the binary statically.

>> Download Static Binaries